Week 1: User Interface


This week I have spent time creating the U.I and implementing it into the game. While the U.I is currently complete I will be going back before the pre-alpha release and polishing it. Things that still need some tweaking and polishing in the U.I have been listed below.

  • Ability to minimize the player chat and mini map
  • Restyle the party hub (Its already been restyled but I feel it could be a bit better)
  • Implement News/Tutorial Windows
  • Implement Map Legend

Whats Next?

This week I will be focusing on character animations, creating sprite sheets, and implementing it into the game. After that I will begin working on a character structure and how leveling and building your character will workout. Currently idle and walking animations have already been started but still need quite a bit of work. Other animations like attack and special abilities haven't been started yet.

Todo List

  • Complete and polish idle, walk, and attack animations
  • Character building and how it will work

Each week I will be publishing a dev-log to keep everyone updated on whats going on.

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