Week 3: UI, Animations, Bug fixes, and other things

Whats new?

This week the goal was to focus on finishing up the attack animation and polish our walking and idle animations. We also managed to add/tweak a few different things as well.


  • New registration system (instead of automatically creating accounts we now have to verify accounts via email before successfully logging in)
  • Splash Screen - One of the first screens you will see with the Plantdown logo on it
  • Synclist character bug (this was causing us to not be able to login)
  • Sidebar submenu (News, Minimap and Chat - we can now hide the chat and mini map)
  • Disclaimer - Popup message that you must accept before logging in 
  • News panel - List of news articles, Keybinds, and information about the game and how to get started
  • Name tag display - Our name now looks fancy in-game
  • Decided to remove WSAD movement and replace it with click 2 move
  • Begin working on sprites for our attack animation


Imgur Album - https://imgur.com/a/LTXPz


Whats next?

This week we will be focusing on finishing up the attack animation and polishing our walk and idle animations.


  • Complete attack animation and sprites
  • Polish walking animation and fix small graphical errors
  • Implement a storage system (this will allow us to store items in storage when your inventory is full)
  • Implement second submenu with different options (options to adjust audio/video placeholder,  emote (allows us to play different emotes)

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