Week 6: Map Expansion, Bug Fixes, Chat Colors

Whats new?

  • Fixed crafting info and news panel (now closes when disconencting)
  • Updated registration (moved confirm account so its less confusing)
  • Restyled chat and also add color commands
  • Enabled WSAD Movement
  • Fading when transitioning
  • Added Police Stations interior and exterior
  • Added Apartment Building exterior
  • Added Car Dealership interior and exterior
  • Added Marketplace exterior
  • Added Post Office interior and exterior
  • Added Forest Area

Whats next?

  • Farming Town/Area
  • 4x farms and 2x stores
  • Event Shop (I/E)

I/E = Interior and Exterior

Chat colors - http://prntscr.com/ijp89u

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