Week 8: Map Expansion, Bug Fixes, Entering Interiors

Whats new?

  • Beach/Coastal Outline
  • Completed First Island(this included main city, forest, beach, farming town, suburbs, and business area) - the map is about x4 times as big now
  • Fixed bug with registration (press the "back" button would cause the game to break)
  • Fixed synclist not syncing certain npcs properly
  • Added ability to enter/exit interiors

Whats next?

  • Fix layering with obstacles so they display properly
  • Fix tree collions so you can walk behind them
  • Add light sources to building windows and street lamps
  • Create bird animation (add birds flying around)
  • Setup shops (vending machines, food stores, hotdog stands, weapons shop, clothing shop)
  • Add wondering npcs(npcs that wonder around)
  • Add quest indicator next to npc name
  • Ability to report bugs and suggestions in-game

Spinning fans & entering/exiting interiors - https://gyazo.com/e4a6fb608a49351fd5c0ade14b755a46

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