Week 9:Collisions, Animations, Lighting, Shops

Whats new?

  • Fix layering with obstacles so they display properly
  • Fix tree collions so you can walk behind them
  • Add light sources to building windows and street lamps
  • Create bird animation (add birds flying around) - bluebird
  • Add BGM 
  • Add Audio Manager(For BGM & SFX)
  • Fixed Tile Errors
  • Setup base shop npcs
  • remove unused npcs 
  • Add quest indicator next to npc name
  • Ability to report bugs and suggestions in-game
  • Setup spawn points (add tutorial area)
  • bullet effect (still needs polish)

Whats next?

  • Add wondering npcs(npcs that wonder around)
  • Setup spawn points (add tutorial area)
  • Food items & stats (spreadsheet , in-game shop)
  • Outfit item & stats (spreadsheet, in-game shop)


Birds -  https://gyazo.com/d4ee4f1952cbf3fb8a6468a6ead0b832
Smoke Effect - https://gyazo.com/6958dedc6dffacef19cf923a0437fcb7
Night Time Lighting - https://gyazo.com/4b340b178908ea7f358293fe8591b04a
Sound Options/Time Display/ NPCS - https://gyazo.com/eb833934e9c8900e9d24faa98d9de1cc 

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