Week 10: Wonding NPC's, Spawn Points, Skills, Bugs, and more!

Whats new?

  • Add wondering npcs (blue,red,black birds, gray dog, cat, civilian, homeless man)
  • Add window saving 
  • Setup spawn points
  • Check all teleport entrances/exits (increase interaction range on all npc)
  • Food items & stats (spreadsheet , in-game shop)
  • Outfit item & stats (spreadsheet, in-game shop)
  • Fix tile errors , layering , collisions
  • Fix UI positioning
  • Fixed certain tiles/images blurred
  • Improved Mini map view
  • Fix light sources that aren’t placed correctly 
  • Add new light sources to street lights that are missing them
  • Remove all skills except default weapon skill
  • Create placeholder icon for default skill and lantern skill
  • Create lantern skill this just creates a temp light for the character at night 
  • Space out position between equipment panel and shortcuts panel 

  Whats next?

  • Create npc stats on spreadsheet then import stats in-game
  • Add rest of the vending machines to interiors
  • Create npc loot drop list spreadsheet
  • Create quest spreadsheet then import in-game
  • Create world map w/ legend and icons 
  • Populated shops with items to be bought
  • Create Freeroam Page on IndieDB

Wondering NPC's - https://gyazo.com/05154bb49fbad23c9a4daccfa251ccf9

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