Pre-Alpha has Arrived!

Pre-Alpha has Arrived!

Im happy to announce that the first pre-alpha has finally arrived! The City Of Freeroam is open to anyone who wishes to play! For those interested in playing or those who might just be curious you can download the pre-alpha below.This pre-alpha should be treated as nothing more than just a play-test/demo, please understand that this is not a finished version of the game and many things will change as development continues. The goal of this pre-alpha is to introduce new features, and test stability.

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The following features will be introduced:

  • Leveling
  • Combat Skills
  • Harvesting Skills
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Loot Chest
  • Combat
  • Shops (ability to buy/sell items)
  • Exploration Rewards
  • Wondering NPCS
  • Quests
  • World Map
  • BGM & SFX
  • Entering/Exiting Interiors

Weekly Dev-Log 12

Whats new?

  • Added exploration rewards (gain xp & $ for exploring certain areas for the first time)
  • Added level up & location discover SFX
  • Create images for crafting blueprints
  • Relocated starter spawn point
  • Create world map w/ legend and icons 
  • Create quest spreadsheet then import in-game
  • Add attack SFX to player(gun) 
  • Create quest template
  • Added 4 quests
  • Fixed notifications not displaying
  • Improved transition when entering/exiting interiors
  • Improved NPC Interactions (This was a bit buggy, now we can interact without any issues)
  • Added early version of harvesting and skills that go with it.

Exploration Rewards - Exploring new areas will grant you rewards like cash, and experience

World Map - Use the world map to discover new location

Non-Combat Skill Books - Skills books are used to learn different non-combat skills like foraging, fishing, mining, etc. Once you learn one of these from a skill book you will be able to harvest certain materials.

Quests - 4 new quest have been added, by completing quest you are able to earn items, cash, and experience.

Whats next?

  • Focus on bug fixes


City Of Freeroam Pre-Alpha 0.10.1 97 MB
Version 3 Apr 08, 2018

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