Pre-Alpha 0.004-0.004.1 Patch Notes

The following changes have been made for this version : 0.004 - 0.004.1

New Additions

  • Added level display under enemies
  • Added colors to enemy names (red = aggressive)
  • Added global chat /g message
  • Added support for multiple screen resolutions (Window mode and Resizing) is now possible.
  • Reduced transition time when entering/exiting interiors
  • Redesigned the party hud( Should look pretty now)
  • Added 4 more quest to the notice board (these are temporary quest that will be removed in the future or moved to different npcs
  • Chat is enabled by default now (can be disabled from submenu)
  • Sidebar has been removed, all options are now available on the submenu
  • Black birds now give 13xp instead of 8 xp 
  • News panel now displays when you login (new panel contains news, keybinds, and a quick starter guide) - Ver:0.004.1

Bug Fixes

  • Equipment bar shows on top of the chat when both chat and the equipment panel are open(Equipment panel can now be re-positioned)
  • Removed link buttons on side panel (causing crashes but also not needed)
  •  Certain Npc's are not blocking when they should be (Notice board, and Hotdog stands)
  • World map typos
  • Certain items have incorrect descriptions  and pricing (Wink face emoji, Bandages, and Blue Sodas)
  • Window movement needs to be increased so they can be moved easier (Clicking window titles + hold & drag will allow you to re-position windows)
  • When using WASD it becomes laggy (Disabled until fully fixed)
  • Entering/Exiting interiors is not always responsive and might cause players to get stuck temporarily (should almost never happen)
  • When in a party, the display where members are shown stops you from clicking in certain areas
  • Player names and NPC names displaying on top or through trees and other objects
  • Remove ability to register accounts with special characters ( doing this will make it so you can’t login)
  • Interacting with hospital npcs and vending machines need to be improved (the hit boxes either cause player to move or are just hard to find) 


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Version 5 Apr 12, 2018

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